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    If you have any questions regarding MMmarkets or would like a more information about our online trading, portfolio management, or any other service, please contact the Customer Service Desk. For trading queries, please contact the Trading Desk directly.

    MMmarkets provides you continuous 24hrs support from 12 am (+2 GMT) Sunday through 11:00 pm (+2 GMT) Friday.

    ·         For Customer Service and Technical Support

     Phone: +961.7.741997


    ·         Trading Desk [Only if you are and EXISTING client]

     Phone: +961.7.741997

    ·         Accounting Support

    Phone : + 961 7 741997

    Email :


    Address :

    MMMarkets S.a.L
    Center Abo Khalil, 2nd Floor
    Kodos Street - Abo Deeb District , Tyre
    Tyre South Lebanon

    Tel: +961.7.741 997
    Fax: +961.7.741 997


    Always make sure that you have on hand all information pertaining to the trade including your personal information (for verification purposes), account number, ticket or trade number, time of the trade or nature of the problem. In case a trade was executed incorrectly, it will be audited and, if necessary, an adjustment will be made in a timely manner.